Helix C6 B Premium 16,5 cm Woofer

  • 3.600,00 ₺

Etiketler: Helix C6 B Premium Hoparlör

  • High-end mid-woofer with sturdy aluminum diecast basket
  • Mid-woofer cone with scooped, long-fibered sisal with additional elastomer structural damping
  • Virtually compression-free conversion of the amplifier power into sound pressure
  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances and exclusive use of selected materials
  • Grille included

Power RMS / max. P150 / 300 Watts
Impedance Z4 Ω
DC resistance Re3.4 Ω
Resonance frequency Fs54 Hz
Mechanical Q factor Qms11.1
Electrical Q factor Qes0.55
Total Q factorQts0.53
ComplianceCms490 µm/N
Equivalent air volumeVas12.4 L
Force factor B*I6.1 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 mSPL88 dB
Cone area Sd135 cm²
Moving mass Mms17.8 g
Cone material Sisal with elastomer structural damping
Mechanical resistance Rms0.54 kg/s
Voice coil diameterø37 mm 
Voice coil winding height 12 mm
Max. linear excursion Xmax+/- 3 mm
Outer diameterø166 mm / 6.54"
Installation diameterø145 mm / 5.71"
Installation depth 67 mm / 2.64"
Recommended enclosure volumes  
Sealed box  
Net volume 8 L
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB) 68 Hz
Vented box  
Net volume 15 L
Port diameterø60 mm / 2.36"
Port area 28 cm²
Port length 16 cm / 6.30"
Port tuning frequencyFb49 Hz
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB) 52 Hz

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